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We are looking for people who have experience in building mobile products before. Extra points if you also happen to be a neuroscientist. We know that delivering a great product means considering different perspectives and working in the best interest of our users to make it as good as it can be. Sure, we have a clear vision of what we want to be, but we're always up for a healthy debate when it comes to new ideas or approaches.

You want to shape software and have done it before. Either successfully or unsuccessfully. You are not afraid to create your own job and share your rationale. Your past teammates would describe you as an extraordinary communicator and someone who always brings clarity to chaos. You're pragmatic when it comes to prioritising but aren't afraid to demand more and take ownership.

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we’re cultivating an equitable and empathetic workplace, a listening and learning culture, and an empowered and inspired community. We highly encourage marginalized communities to apply: parents, women, Black women and other women of color and gender nonconforming people.

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