What is Adelee?

Adelee is a private messenger for two. Chat instantly, have focused conversations around important topics, and create a photo album together. Never lose track of the things that matter to the two of you.

What are Topics?

Topics are where you can start discussions or make lists aside from your ongoing conversation. Add a title, a description, and get creating. The options are endless!

How does Adelee approach privacy and the use of data?

We store and log as few things as possible, only what's necessary to run the app, for internal analytics or debugging purposes. We encrypt all data at rest and move all data over secure connections (no end-to-end encryption YET but it's definitely on our roadmap). Only your email will link back to you. When signing in with Apple, you can even hide your personal credentials and we won't know your email address or name.

How do I know if the person I invited to join me successfully connected with me in Adelee?

You can send them an invite link via the settings in Adelee. Once they have completed the onboarding and connected with you in Adelee, you'll receive a pop-up in the Messenger. They should also appear in your Settings with their name and avatar.

What is a Memory?

A memory is a photo that you choose to add to your shared photo album. Consider these photos your most precious memories, accessible to the two of you at all times. Other photos shared in Adelee will not end up in your Memories unless either of you selects them to be. You can do that by long press on the photo in the chat and select "Add to memories".

How do Reminders work?

It's simple, you can long press on a message or on a topic and choose to set a reminder. For now, you can only set a reminder for yourself. You can choose to set a reminder 'In an hour', 'This evening' or 'Tomorrow morning'.

Can notifications be sent even when notifications are turned off?

Yes. You will both be able to see when the other has turned off notifications, and after sending a message you can choose to 'Notify anyway' in case it's urgent.

Can I add more people to Adelee?

No, currently Adelee is a private messenger for two. Is this something you'd like to see in the feature? Let us know by reaching out on Twitter (@adeleeapp) or sending us an email at support@adelee.com.

Is there an Android app?

We're working on it, stay tuned!

What happens to my data when I delete my account?

When either of you chooses to delete your account, you will both be signed out of your accounts and your shared data will be deleted. You will be given the option to save a copy of your data before deleting your account.

I'm having issues with the app, what should I do?

Tell us more! Before you contact us, would you mind checking if you have downloaded the latest version of the Adelee app? If you have and you're still experiencing issues, send us an email at support@adelee.com and we'll get back to you!

What should I do if I have feedback?

We want to hear your feedback, the good and the bad. Write to us on Twitter (@adeleeapp) or send us an email at support@adelee.com.

Can I join your stellar team?

Great to hear that you want to join us! Please check out our career page (https://adelee.homerun.co/) to see if we're hiring right now. There's always the Open Application for those who are super eager to work with us.